The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in The Acirema Dungeons

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Welcome to the Acirema Mountain!

This website is dedicated to the archives of The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in the Acirema Dungeons. Acirema is the first Finnish tabletop role-playing game, released in 1986. English translation of the game was made available in 2014. The game rules are easy to learn, and there are a few twists and turns you won't find in other fantasy role-playing games.


The Legend of the Secret Treasure of Raguoc

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Hundreds of years ago, something astonishing happened in the Land of High Mountains. One night, the Royal Treasurer Raguoc stole all the King's most valuable treasures. The guards, working together with Raguoc, took the treasures to their hideaway under the cover of night.

That hideaway was beneath Acirema Mountain, in a gloomy tunnel network of hundreds if not thousands of dark caves, musty corridors and god knows what creatures! Once the treasures had been secreted away in the dank tunnels, Raguoc murdered his accomplices and vanished.

The King, of course, sent great many soldiers after Raguoc when the theft was discovered. Though many of the troops delved into the depths of Acirema Mountain, none returned.

Naturally, these news attracted many adventurers to test their luck, but they fared no better in the gloomy corridors of Acirema. Rumors circulated in the region of how Raguoc had subjugated the myriad denizens of Acirema with his mastery of magic and mighty spellcraft. Now he used them to protect the treasure against intruders!

Only once has someone returned from the depths. He was a brave knight from a faraway land. After four days of exploring the caves he was coming out into the light of day. Those who approached him were frightened of the sight: the poor man was horribly maimed and walked as if dreaming. He had been struck mute and could not comprehend his surroundings. One of Raguoc's servants had gravely injured him, but at least he had managed to escape. The poor victim died the next night, ensuring that the secrets of Acirema were kept safe.

Centuries have passed since. Raguoc himself is dead, but his terrible guardians still hide in the bowels of Acirema Mountain. Rumors are told about the mysterious deaths and disappearances of those braving the caves. The power of Raguoc still lingers in the dungeons, and few dare challenge it even now.

You and your companions now have the unique opportunity to succeed where all others have failed:

You could find and retrieve the secret treasure of Raguoc in the Acirema Dungeons!



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This role-playing game is partially based on first game of the same name. However, this game is different enough that the rules and tables of this manual cannot be used when playing the first Acirema. It is advisable to learn all of the new rules and to continue playing with them.

Recommended number of players 2 - 7 persons.

Average game time 2 - 4 hours.

You also need paper, pens, rulebooks, and two 6-sided dice to play. A 12-sided die is optional.

We do not take responsibility for damage caused to themselves or others by players who immerse too deeply into the game.


Download the books and play the game

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The Player book contains all the rules needed to play the game. This book is for the players and the game master.

Acirema Player Book [40 Mb download]

The Dungeon Books contains all the rules to create and run the adventures. This book should only be read by the game master.

Acirema Dungeon Book [44 Mb download]


Print your own books and play the game

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The books are also available as print on demand from Lulu. The cost of the books is just what Lulu takes, authors get no profit from the print on demand runs.

Acirema Player Book [Lulu Print On Demand]

Acirema Dungeon Book [Lulu Print On Demand]


Download the Acirema Archive and make your own version of the game

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The archive contains all the files that were used to create the game books, even the raw text and Scribus layout files are included. This archive might be useful if you need to make your own version of the game.

Acirema Archive [129 Mb download]

Note that the use of the materials in the archive is strictly for non-commercial, non-profit purposes only.


Map of the game

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